Charter Public Schools are Facing a Crisis

Across America, charter public schools are struggling to obtain affordable, adequate facilities for their students - facilities that are critical to ensuring student success. The Charter School Facilities Initiative is providing important research and data to drive new solutions and help charter schools throughout the country find sustainable facility options.


Charter School Facility Landscape Reports

CSFI uses the Charter School Facilities Survey to gather objective, reliable, and comprehensive facilities data from each participating state’s charter school community. With assistance from the states’ charter support organization, CSFI customizes each state survey to fit the local context, analyze the data, and produce a state-specific report.

The Charter School Facilities Initiative is funded in part by the National Charter School Resource Center

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    What is the Facilities Initiative?

    The CSFI is a national initiative to research and quantify charter school access to adequate educational facilities space and funding.

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    Common Findings Overview

    An overview of the current state of charter school facilites from the combined data of all current participating states.

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    National Data Findings by State

    View Facilities Initiative data for each participating state.

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Charter School Facilities Initiative Partner Organizations


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