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An Analysis of the Charter School Facility Landscape in Albuquerque October 2017
An Analysis of the Charter School Facility Landscape in Albuquerque October 2017
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  • Data Collection

  • Data collected during the 2015-16 school year.

  • Charter School Waitlists/Growth Plans

  • N/A

    Avg. waitlist size per facility

  • N/A

    Total students on waitlists (statewide)

  • 71.8%

    Charters planning to grow in next 5 years

  • 61.5%

    Planning to grow, but limited by facility

  • Charter School Facilities in Old or Non-Traditional Spaces

  • 7.7%

    Built Prior to 1970

  • 23.1%

    Constructed as Schools

  • 33.3%

    With Some Modular Buildings

  • Charter School Facilities Ownership Varies

  • 23.1%

    Charter School Owned

  • 20.5%

    District, State, or Government Owned

  • 51.3%

    Renting from Private Organization

  • 5.1%

    Mixed Ownership

  • Many Charter Schools Share Space with Other Businesses
    or Co-locate with Other Public Schools

  • 10.3%


  • Few Districts with Vacant and Underutilized Facilities are willing to Share with Charter Schools

  • 7.7%

    Reporting Vacant District Facility Nearby

  • N/A

    Reporting Underutilized District Facility Nearby

  • 20.0%

    Granted Use of Vacant/Undertilized Facility, After Asking

  • Many Charter Schools Undergo Major Capital Projects (in excess of $20,000)

  • 38.5%

    Reporting Major Project in Last 5 Years

  • Charter Schools Must Pay for Facilities Out of Per Pupil Operating Funds

  • 2.9%

    Median Percentage Spent on Facility

  • 4.1%

    Average Percentage Spent on Facility

  • Public Charter School have Limited Access to Local Tax Revenue

  • N/A

    Given Some Tax Proceeds

  • Charter School Facilities Tend to be Small

  • N/A

    Meeting Facility Standards (gross sq.ft./pupil)

  • N/A

    Meeting Site Standards (acres/pupil)

  • N/A

    Of Classrooms Meeting Standards (sq.ft./pupil)

  • Physical Education Spaces can be Limited for Charter Students

  • 93.3%

    With Access to a Playground (elementary only)

  • 35.9%

    With Access to a Athletic/Play Field

  • N/A

    With Access to a Gym (secondary only)

  • Many Charter do without Specific Amenities

  • 86.8%

    Without a Full-Preparatory Kitchen

  • N/A

    Without either a Dedicated Computer Lab or a Mobile Lab

  • 71.4%

    Without a Science Labs (secondary only)

  • 82.1%

    Without a Dedicated Gym (all schools)

  • 23.1%

    Without Dedicated Lunchroom Space

  • Charter School Access to the Arts is Limited

  • N/A

    With Neither an Art nor a Music Room

  • Charter Support Organization

  • New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools

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