eStem Charter School to Bring Hope to Run-Down Neighborhood

June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The eStem Charter Elementary and Middle School officially has a new home on the east side of Little Rock. But it's an area that has more boarded up homes than many would like to see.

Teresa Young has lived in the Little Rock East Village for seven years.

"I like it cause it's quiet where we are and right by the freeway," said Young. She's raised her kids, and now her grandkids.

So to hear the eStem Public Elementary and Middle School is moving into the area has her excited.

"It's a great incentive for the children to be able to get a better education."

And even more, bring a facelift to her block.

"People will move in the area and that will make them excited about where they live it will be school close to their home in walking distance," said Young.

The warehouse on Shall Ave. will be home to the future school.

"In this building we've been in here for over 10 years," said Greg Hart, President of Southern Office Services.

Hart's business is one that will be forced out when demolition begins.

"eSTEM is a great school and them putting the middle school here no hurt feelings," said Hart.

He added the area is growing, so adding a school will help.

"I do think it will be good for every body I think growth is essential for a city like Little Rock and the more you can offer in a city the better it is," said Hart.

Teresa agreed, there's several homes boarded up, and others that are in the revitalization process.

"They are restoring the house directly next to us, and a few home down the street they are building form the ground so I see more movement in this area," said Teresa.

The addition of the school, Teresa said will bring light back to the block.

"Most are excited cause it's still quiet and that's what were looking for and to is for it to remain quiet," said Teresa.

The project is part of a facilities expansion that will allow the charter school to grow it's enrollmentĀ  by nearly 2500. The goal is to have students in the new school for the 2018/2019 school year.

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